Scaffolding Systems

Equiptec Rentals offers a wide range of scaffolding equipment for hire by both commercial contractors and members of the public. If you are trying to work safely on your roof, or paint your commercial building, or even just accessing a difficult light bulb we have the access solutions to meet your needs. If it’s a mobile scaffold you’re after you can collect from our yard at your convenience, or if you prefer we can deliver and set it up for a small additional fee.

Commercial building edge protection for working at height

Equiptec Commercial edge protection   Roof edge protection is our specialty and we have a great deal of experience in this area. We have two main systems that we use:
- the Equiptec Quick-guard system for residential sites, and
- the Protecta-edge system for commercial sites.
Equiptec Rentals is the sole agent for both these systems in the Otago area. The time efficient nature of these systems means that we are able to consistently offer very competitive pricing to our customers.
Both systems offer very little intrusion into the working/access space on the ground, and do not attach to or intrude on the roof at all.
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Residential roof edge protection

Equiptec residentual roof edge protection   Equiptec Quick Guard system for residential roof edge protection is fully certified and does not attach or intrude into the roof. It also provides minimum intrusion into the working area on the ground. The Quick Guard system is proven to be the most efficient residential roof protection system on the market.

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Fixed Scaffolding

Equiptec fixed scaffolding    Equiptec Rentals uses the aluminium Multiscaff system, and has extensive experience in building fixed walk-through scaffolds that can be adapted to fit any site conditions, using tube and clip for greater adaptability when needed. The aluminium components are very strong. They can take just as much weight and are just as sturdy as similar sizes steel scaffolds, whilst their much lighter alloy material makes Multiscaff particularly good for scaffolding on roofs, verandas and other lightweight structures.

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Modular bridge platforms

Equiptec Modular bridge platforms   Equiptec Rentals can supply modular bridge platforms spanning up to 12m in length. Modular bridge platforms are really heavy and are used for safely traversing verandas, conservatories and other lightweight structures without putting weight on them.

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Mobile ScaffoldingProperties...

Equiptec Mobile Scaffolding   Mobile scaffolding options at Equiptec Rentals include anything from small, specialised interior mobiles to larger mobile scaffolds up to 12m high.
Working platform sizes range in width from 0.7m to 3.0m, and from 2.0m to 3.0m in length, and any combination of width and length can be used to accommodate the needs of almost any site. Scaffolds can be joined together to create an even larger working platform if needed (for instance 3.0m by 6.0m)
All scaffolds come with fully adjustable, braked, heavy duty castors which enable you to level the scaffold, even on very uneven terrain.
Mobile scaffolds are often ideal for glaziers, painters, builders and electricians as well as for attending to those small maintenance jobs around the home, both outside and indoors, like cleaning high windows and skylights, fixing rotten boards, clearing gutters and washing or painting exterior walls.
The smaller interior specific mobiles are ideal for working on high ceilings, and are very easy to use on stairs.

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Steel Tube and Clip

  Steel Tube & Clip Scaffold
Equiptec Rentals have highly experienced teams of staff available to provide safe access for even your most challenging projects.
Using the versatile steel tube and clip system our professional scaffolder’s will provide a safe working platform exactly to your specifications and requirements.
During the well planned and considered course of construction of your scaffolding, all care is taken to minimise disruption and risk to all property, occupants and personnel in the surrounding area.
Our design and sales team looks forward to providing a design and quote for your next project, contact us now…

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Height Safety PPE

Equiptec Rentals are Dunedin's safety harness specialists. We are stockists/distributors of the Zero and Camp range of fall arrest and fall restraint systems.

These brands cover an extensive range of product including:

  • Harnesses
  • Helmets
  • Anchor Points
  • Ropes
  • Lanyards
  • Fall arrest devices
  • Confined space equipment

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Temporary Site Fencing

The Equiptec Rentals temporary site fencing system is available for purchase or hire in Dunedin. The fence panels are an extremely robust panel using heavy duty 32mm OD galvanised tube. These panels are installed on a very heavy duty foot and come with an anti-climb 75mm x 75mm mesh. The system is very user friendly and quick to install. Standard 2200 series perimeter fence panels measure 2.2m long and 2.0m high.